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Beverly Hills is synonymous with Luxury. Founded in 1914 Beverly Hills boasts magnificent, extravagant real estate. It is one third of the coveted platinum triangle, and the most known zip code in the world. Positioned at the foot of the Santa Monica Mountains it is a short drive to the coast while maintaining the perfect weather that Southern California is known for. Home to fine dining, world-class shopping, and lavish amenities, Beverly Hills’ storybook history has ranked it as one of the top real estate markets in the world.


Beverly Hills has become know for its luxurious, often extravagant way of life, draw the likes of many affluent and notable individuals from around the world. Its’ draw lies in its gorgeous architecture, rich cultural offerings and the world class Rodeo Drive. The homes are the pinnacle of luxury living, offering location and large télécharger idm gratuit avec crack plots of land, so large that you get the utmost privacy. Just minutes from the beach, the sun is always shining on Beverly Hills. The pristine weather allows year round activities for families. All while being able to easily access the lavish shops and dining near by with a short driving home. Its offerings of location, top tier homes, lavish living and rich history are truly unrivaled.

The Beverly Hills real estate market can be divided into three segments

The Flats, where most of its residents live. Boasting large picture-esque homes on mostly flat lots. This area can be identified by its palm tree-lined streets located just south of Sunset Boulevard.

Beverly Hills Proper, located north of Sunset Boulevard in the Hills. Homes here have become known for their gorgeous views and large estates.

Beverly Hills Post Office, does not fall within Beverly Hills city limits but maintains the 90210 zip code.

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