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What the Best Real Estate Agents in Los Angeles Say about New Trends?


There seems to be no slide in demand for luxury homes among the stars and billionaires of Los Angeles. Despite a shaky world market and a slowdown in demand for high-end homes, the best real estate agents in Los Angeles are still getting their steady stream of clients, including stars and billionaires, and still logging mind-boggling sales in the posh Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Malibu and Hancock Park. Top realtors, however, say that its important to know the market trends and laying the real information out there before the customer. Top agents never fail to do their homework before they ask their potential clients to invest in a property. Studying the uniqueness of the property and understanding the clients demands even when the client doesn’t know what he wants, are also extremely important. This type of understanding comes from a lot of experience and understanding of the market trends. So these is what are our big guys from LA real estate say about cracking a deal and selling big-billion properties!

Being flexible with the market flow

More and more buyers and sellers who are looking for single family homes for sale in Beverly Hills are relying on technology to scour the neighborhood or even directly contact the sellers. As a real estate agent, it is extremely important to be aware about what the customers are capable of doing online. It is time to reinvent your role, and try to incorporate the latest technology techniques for your business. Do not hoard the information; share them with your buyers so that they can make an informed decision. To collect more information, one has to be proactive and collect as much information as possible. There will be questions from the seller and buyer both; as a real estate agent you should keep their information handy. Everyone wants a hassle-free deal; so try to find out what is the best way to make the deal effortless. And this is what distinguishes a good real estate agent from a not-so-good one.

Relationships matter

Always remember that when you forge a relationship with your buyer, they will remember the deal more so because they will remember the experience. So, try to make their experience worthwhile and at the same time equip yourself! The best of real estate agents always tries to understand the customer, even before he can understand himself. He asks the most basic questions, and tries to figure out the answers the best he can. Answering a client about the market will also give you an opportunity to show off your influence in the market and the weight you have in the best neighborhoods of LA. The better is your influence in these hipster neighborhoods, the better are your chances of cracking the deal.

Know thy customer

The best realtors know their customers in and out. An entire dossier is made for each client, which has all the information like which circle of people does the client belongs in, which are the clubs he or she frequents, what is their approach to buying and shopping etc. This is almost step one for any big shot realtor.

Combining a great sales pitch

The demand for housing in LA is on an upward curve, which means that it will be a buyer’s market. Given the competition that exists, it’s often the sales pitch that makes all the difference. You have to be creative and quite informed to impress the buyer. Each client will have different requirements, and one has to make the pitch as per the client’s financial scenario. Also remember house buying is also an emotional decision, so the sales pitch is also about making the experience an emotional one, say our experts.

Most real estate agents know their business; but the difference is how they do their business. From a high profile client to a person with moderate income; everyone needs a proper deal. A good real estate agent will customize the requirements of each of their customers to provide them with a good experience and never hurry to make a sale!